Friday, January 13, 2012

The Perfect Ending to the Year of New Beginnings

2011 was the best Christmas I have had in a while. It brought many great memories, happiness and peace. I am so blessed to have such an amazing family. I am even more blessed to be the wife of a great man who works so hard each day to better himself and be the best he can be. He has also given me the opportunity to experience something so incredibly amazing... parenting. I truly do love being a stepmother to our 4 fabulous kids. I know his ex and I have our differences but they (Camie and Andy) sure did something right. They raised their kids to know what is right, be kind and respectful, well mannered, loving, affectionate and they truly have a love for the gospel. They are constantly bringing it up in our home and I LOVE it. They are great kids and I hope those of you who have not yet met them will get to meet them soon.
We had the kids Christmas day around noon. It was so fun to see their excited faces when we brought them  home. Santa stopped for them in 2 places this year! Kade loved his iPod, Kenz was super excited about her Justin Beiber perfume, Ella loves loves loves Barbies, and Parker got some super cool DS games and hot wheels tracks. For as busy as Christmas was with paper flying everywhere, laughs, giggles, excitement... it was also so peaceful. It was a day I won't forget for a very long time.

We were also able to spend some time with our families Christmas day. Andy and I went to my parents house early Christmas morning before we picked up the kids. My parents spoiled us this year. It was exciting to see my niece and nephews with their new toys. We also had a great time watching our old Christmas home video's that were put on to DVDs. Christmas evening we went to dinner at Andy's parents. It was great to spend time with his family. They do not live as close as my family so we don't get to see them quite as often. I  have really enjoyed getting to know them, they have been so welcoming. What a perfect ending to the year of new beginnings.

Thanks mom & dad for the great gifts! LOVE YOU!