Monday, April 30, 2012

It's a small world after all...

Well we took the kids out on our first getaway. It was a short trip but very special. We headed down to Vegas, stopped for a short while then decided to just keep on going to California. The kids were great the whole way there. There was no fighting and they kept themselves pretty entertained. In Vegas we stopped at the Denny's on the strip and the kids were able to watch the volcano show across the street at the Mirage. I think that's who puts the show on anyway. After the show we let them walk around for a bit to check a few things out. We took a few pictures with the wax figures in front of the wax museum.

We ended up staying in the Irvine area. So beautiful there. It reminded me a lot of Hawaii. I think we ended up staying at a Marriott. Don't remember :) that wasn't the highlight of the trip. The next morning we woke the kids up, had some breakfast and headed over to the Happiest Place on Earth - Disneyland! 

Wakey Wakey

On the Tram ride over to the park. They are so cute!

And we are here!!

The weather didn't exactly cooperate with us. In fact, about 2 hours into the day it started pouring and continued to rain the rest of the day. The kids were great though. Soaking wet but no complaints, just smiles. It was so great to see the kids so happy and excited about each ride. Probably one of the best feelings in the world. It reminded me of being a kid and arguing over who got to ride with my dad on the ride or my mom on the ride. It was a new experience to be on the other end of the spectrum. It was a great day and I will definitely remember it for a very long time!

Cutest Kids Ever! 

Kenzie Lou Magoo & I on Main Street 

He wouldn't go on the ride but he'd hang out and watch with me

It took a while but they finally came around 

We were also able to spend part of the day in California Adventure. The kids loved Soarin' Over California. While there we were able to see what they have built thus far on the Cars Land. That looked pretty awesome. We also went through the sourdough bread factory, hit all the rides that were open and caught the It's a Bug's Life show.
He loved this!  

And look what the cat dragged in... 

Our little Bugs!

We sold them.Expect to see them in the next movie :)

Not a roller coaster rider either


They are full of terror... you can see it on their faces!

Some of my favorite memories of the trip were the cups of hot chocolate. The kids expressions and excitement after riding Indiana Jones. They were just so happy to be there... they didn't care that it was raining. They actually said "Gaddafied" (yes we are proud parents for teaching them that haha Please see Tosh.O for reference )on the jungle ride and the tour guide had to turn around and compose himself because he was laughing. Oh, and I also loved love loved the Disney Bakery in the Downtown Disney. They have the best peanut butter cookies ever!

Kade isn't impresseed

They were so disappointed because the teacups were closed due to the rain

Yeah... he can't do it either

Ella boo and Buzz

I can't wait for the next trip! Next time I will take oodles of pictures!

Friday, April 27, 2012

January & February

Where to start? This year has started off in a dead run. It's been a busy one. In January I officially became the "typical mom". I sold my crossover and bought a Dodge Caravan. it sure it nice because it has SO much space, but yes, I am still in denial. Some have said... Oh, once you guy a minivan you'll stick with a minivan. Ummm I'm pretty sure I'd happily go for an suv :)

February - McKenzie made concert choir!!! Yay! We are so so proud of her! We also took the kids to the Safe Kids Fair and the Home & Garden Expo. The Safe Kids Fair was fun. The kids were able to participate in a lot of activities that were free, meet police officers and firefighters. It is something I would recommend to any family with young kids. It definitely kept them entertained. However... That night, we had two puking kids. They (the kids) blame the free burger from Carl's Jr... I blame germs.  So, here are a few pictures from February. Enjoy!

The proud owner of a home... unfortunately she had to leave it at the home show. 
I'm rich ya'll

Our little monkey

The jiggly bum machine

They love when I do their hair!

Nuff' said!