Sunday, May 6, 2012

Taking Care of Business!

The past 2 months and possibly another 2 more my husband has been away and out of town. I've come to realize just how much work a family is especially when you are doing it alone. Thursdays are busy days. I have the kids. The boys have soccer and Ella has gymnastics so it's quite a bit of run around. There is a pastry shop next to Black Diamond gymnastics called Swirly Girls. The kids and I like to wander over there for a treat once in a while. People ask me all the time why I still take the kids while Andy is away. Well, the kids are great and I am lucky to have such great relationships with them. We sure know how to have fun!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Every Other Weekend Mom

So as you know, or I would hope you would know by know... I am step mom to 4 fabulous kids and I love my CHAOTIC "every other weekend" with them. I do have them on Thursdays but right now Thurs nights are just a busy run around. The boys have soccer, Ella has gymnastics, and kenz.. It varies. I do love to watch the gymnastics though. As a kid it was something I loved to do. Ella is quite good at it and has advanced several times the past 3 months.
I've been getting the kids ready for summer and it's been quite fun for me. I love getting them things... Shoes, T-shirts, socks, undies, swimsuits etc. I love to see how happy they are. Ella can retire her converse with the holes in the bottom. Yay! Every other weekends are sure hectic but I love it. I love spending time with the kids!