Wednesday, January 23, 2013

12 days to go!

12 days! 12! I can't wait to have my little baby B here. Am I a little nervous? Sure, but I am also so done with being pregnant. It really feels like I have been pregnant for...well, forever. It's been an interesting journey. Definitely a miracle. Prior to experiencing pregnancy I would listen to women say how difficult, tiring, painful, exciting, etc pregnancy is. I don't think a person can actually comprehend pregnancy until experiencing it themselves. Initially pregnancy was so peaceful for me. I was so calm, at ease. I suffered very little morning sickness and I slept like a rock. If you know me, you know how much I love my sleep. So the out like a rock was a huge perk for me :) All went well during the second trimester. I wouldn't say I had that burst of energy that  some have talked about but the little morning sickness I did have went away. I also had fewer headaches as I did during the first. I remember a visit with my OB just before the third trimester started. We discussed things I should pay attention to or watch for and then he stated something like "well the third trimester is usually where things get a bit more interesting." He was right, the third trimester began and not to far into it... it got interesting. If you have read my other posts you are familiar with the NuMom2B study I participated in. I'm very grateful for this study because without it my baby's CPAM would have never been detected. I am grateful we were able to catch it early and keep an eye on it. I've been seeing a Maternal Fetal Medicine doc every 2 weeks, I've met with a surgeon, and have already found a pediatrician that is willing to be there for the birth and care of our little B. We were told the hospital nursery, pediatrician, etc needed to be on board and aware of the birth of our baby. So, with that said our delivery is scheduled for February 4th unless she decides to make an entrance before then. I think we are ready for the most part. As ready as we can be anyway. Yes, I have only 12 days left and still haven't bought a crib :) I do have a sleeper/rocker though. Perhaps I'll drag the hubs out to get the crib tonight.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

CPAM update

Delivery day keeps getting closer. Things have been going well with the CPAM. I've continued to have scans every 2 weeks with the Maternal Fetal Medicine office. The last visit on January 11th the doctors were not able to see the CPAM at all. They assumed it was because of the baby's position. I am scheduled to go in for my last scan on January 25th. The docs said they are ok with me delivering at Riverton and that my doc is ok to do the c-section on February 4th. I don't think I touched on this in my last post but I also met with a pediatric surgeon from Primary Childrens. He wasn't too concerned and also feels comfortable with me delivering at Riverton. I've followed blogs of other moms with CPAM babies. I feel very blessed that our little bub has such a small mass that has not caused pressure on the heart or any fluid to gather around her little lungs or heart. Of course there is always a chance of complications on her delivery date but we are keeping positive that all will be ok. A few days after birth she will have a CT scan to get a better view of how big the mass is. We'll then follow up with a pediatric surgeon to come up with a game plan to have the mass surgically removed when she is big enough to tolerate the surgery.