Wednesday, December 26, 2012


As a follow up to the NuMom2B visit #3 post I figured I should fill you all in on what is going on with our little baby B. During our last visit with the NuMom study the Ultrasound tech noticed that there was a bright spot in the right lung. This was a concern but she couldn't give an explanation why because there was not a doctor around at the time. She scheduled an appointment the following day with a Maternal Fetal Medicine Dr at IMC.

I showed up at IMC at 1:00 and had a second ultrasound to evaluate what the tech had found the night before. I was seen by another Tech as well as the Specialist, Dr. Branch. Dr Branch spent a good amount of time in the room with me explaining what he feels is the proper diagnosis. We have been told that Brighton has a small mass of abnormal tissue in her lungs. This is typically known as a CPAM, formally referred to as CCAM. Congenital Pulmonary Airway Malformation's typically go away on their own before birth. Right now it is a very small mass and is not causing any problems. There is no fluid surrounding the heart or lungs.

The plan of action is to keep watching it. Every 2 weeks I will go into the Maternal Fetal Medicine office and a Dr. will do an ultrasound to check the size of the mass as well as to make sure there is no pressure being put on the heart or fluid surrounding it. If the mass continues to stay the same size I will  be able to deliver the baby as planned at the Riverton Hospital with Dr. England. If the mass grows, I will need to deliver at IMC where there is a NICU available. So, for now it's kind of a wait and see. My last ultrasound things had not changed much. It hadn't grown at all... they felt like maybe it shrunk a wee bit.  I have another ultrasound on Friday to check the status again.

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